Paid Advertising

Aggressively Scale Your Annual Revenue With Our In-Depth Social Media Advertising

Paid Advertising

Aggressively Scale Your Annual Revenue With Our In-Depth Social Media Advertising

Why Choose Paid Advertising?

Paid Ads

In short – social media paid ads are the fastest way to generate the highest amount of revenue while spending as little money as possible. But, that’s not all… 

It’s not as simple as ‘1-and-done,’ or, ‘turn it and let it ride,’ no. There is a lot more to a successful paid ads campaign than meets the eye. 

Nelly’s full-time, in-house, highly-skilled team will make sure you are getting the highest quantity & quality opportunities possible through our cutting-edge social media advertising methods. 

Let’s dive in. 

How It Works

Brand Awareness

One of the many ‘positive side effects’ of
Coatings On Demand is how much brand awareness is created with homeowners in your area - you will reap the benefits for years to come!

Generate Sales

Let’s be real, you need floors to stay in
business! Our system generates project consultations with homeowners exclusively interested in working with your brand. After
all, you’re the local expert!

Generate Calls

It isn’t uncommon that a homeowner will see your ads, go to your page, and pick up the
phone themselves! We call these ‘extra leads’
as these are generated outside of our system: BONUS!

Generate Project Inquiries

Our system sends homeowners through a rigorous process before becoming a lead, so
you don’t have to worry about any ‘spam’ or
‘bots’ opting-in like we so commonly hear from companies who aren’t yet Coatings Family Members.

Booked Phone Consultations

Our Done-For-You system incentivizes homeowners to take an ‘additional step’ and
book a phone (project) consultation directly on your integrated calendar, Hands-Free!

Best Cost, Best Quality.

With our fully dialed-in system, we're able to
keep your ad spend low, and your
opportunities high! We guarantee the best
cost per lead with Coatings On Demand.

Everything To Know About

Paid Ads

We constantly hear people say “Oh yeah, I can run ads…” But can they really? 

Are they split-testing images, copy, & audiences? Are they testing manual ad placements? Creating lookalike audiences? Carousels? Videos? This is where many people fall short… Not understanding what it truly takes. 

Our In-house team takes a data-driven approach to every campaign optimization and we let the metrics guide our optimizations. This is how we constantly lower the cost per lead, week after week. 

There’s just so much more to it than people realize…

Nelson Perez

CEO, Nelly IS Marketing


At Nelly IS Marketing, we take pride in being comprised of a diverse, full-time, in-house team. 

This includes our Copywriter (who has written for Forbes,) our Media Buyers (who have managed millions in ad spend over the years for countless 7 & 8-figure companies, some of which had campaigns spending upwards of $10,000 in a single day,) our Technical Department (who manages & builds every funnel, pipeline, & messaging sequence with all subsequent coding to ensure proper automation,) our Graphic Designer (who has edited hundreds of videos and designed countless high-converting websites for us,) and our Fearless Leader, Nelly himself. 

We say this not to boast, but to show you our team’s level of expertise when it comes to crafting the perfect social media paid ads campaign for your company. 

Our Media Team spends all day, every single day, working inside of the social media platforms optimizing our accounts and launching new campaigns. 

Each and every day, Nelly receives a report featuring several metrics that we use to track the performance of every account and guide our ongoing optimizations, which is what sets Nelly’s team aside from the rest of the pack. 

This is what we call our DATA-DRIVEN APPROACH to excellence. 

So, what do we guarantee with this service? The highest quality, exclusive opportunities are generated at the lowest possible cost, month after month. 

And, we give you every tool you need to make it happen with Coatings On Demand. 

Are you ready to take your company to the next level using social media? 

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