Customer Relationship Management

Featuring Endless Integration Possibilities, Manage Your Entire
Customer Database With Ease & Full Transparency


Featuring Endless Integration Possibilities, Manage Your Entire
Customer Database With Ease & Full Transparency

Everything To Know About


Let’s be real here, all the leads in the world mean nothing if we can’t track, categorize, and manage them through every stage of the sales cycle.

A functional, easy-to-use, and customizable CRM is crucial for any decorative concrete coatings company.

Pen and paper may have worked in the 2000s but we’re simply in a different era now.

Supplying leads is only ⅓ of what we do for our Coatings Family Members… 
(With Decorative Concrete Coatings Businesses) It’s really a 3-step process: Leads, appointments, and closed jobs. 

We can’t have one without the other, we have to help our Coatings Family Members make sure all 3 are happening

If we aren’t closing jobs, then something earlier on is broken… We are fully involved from A-Z… ”

Nelson Perez

CEO, Nelly IS Marketing

What We Offer

Here Are Some Of The (Limitless) Features With Our Software

Custom Software

Fully custom-tailored solutions to fit your needs.

Timely Task Management

Let no prospects, bids, or jobs fall through the cracks ever again with our helpful task organizer.

Data Analytics

Have a full view of your entire customer base with easy-to-follow metrics.

Functionality Made Simple

Our team can update most features within 24 - 48 hours of request!

System Monitoring & Reporting

We have the ability to audit your entire sales & communications process to help you maximize every opportunity!

Endless Integrations

Our software has the ability to connect with over 100 different platforms!

All-In-One CRM

We Provide Solutions For Complete Customer Database Management, Centralized Communication, Team Management, And Closing As Many Deals As Possible.      

How Our System Puts The Pieces Together.

We describe our Customer Relationship Management system as having 2 key purposes: 

Increase Operations Efficiency & Close More Deals (Selling More Floors!)

Our system gives you the visibility you need as a business owner on the go, to completely manage every prospect through every stage of the sales cycle.  

We hear countless reports of our Coatings Family members who close deals from several months prior due to our system’s automated outreach & follow-up.  

A well-organized CRM is what separates the frantic business owner from the successful entrepreneur who has a well-managed pipeline and compounding revenue on a monthly basis.  

Would you like to learn more about our automation possibilities, application integration, scheduling features, task management, sales cycle auditing, or the reporting & revenue tracking abilities within our system? 

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